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We are based in South Florida and travel nationally for weddings. Travel is generally a non-charge for 70% of Florida.
Our prices vary between $1000— $4000 for weddings and $180-$1000 for complete comprehensive real estate bundles.
We ensure that once we book your date, we are able to reschedule with you for weather delays and emergencies without you losing your investment in our services. If the cancellation is a result of no wedding occurring although deposit has been placed, the 50% deposit us non-refundable.
Our charges are based on market rate for videography production within our industry and economic wages. Our charges are built by expenditures spent on onsite videography services, editorial staffing hours, equipment fees & maintenance, software subscriptions, and business expenses which compile into the necessary charges to operate our business to bring you our most quality work.
Packages are available for video and photo for weddings & real estate industries separately. For weddings, packages are formed for our budgetary friends, our 3 hour wedding niche, and stem to 2 day weddings with packages consisting of 3 videographers onsite.
Usually the owner and manager, Joel and his associates in Florida. Extended associates are usually oriented and trained within state to ensure the expectation for quality is delivered seamlessly according to couple’s expectations from which they purchased our services.
We operate off a first-come first serve basis. We have a sliding scale of deposits with a minimum of $300, generally 50% of the wedding cost for a videographer.
Between 4-8 weeks you should received your photos or videos in a minimum rough draft form. We offer a maximum of 2 revision requests for feature films because we understand that you trust our style but perhaps want 1-2 details tweaked.

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